Tubal Repair
Dr. Ronald Sancetta, MD LLC in Miami, Florida, provides a variety of procedures for males and females, including tubal repair, artificial insemination, and other infertility treatments. To learn more about some of Dr. Sancetta’s services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Tubal Ligation Reversal
We are very cost-effective compared to in vitro fertilization. Depending upon the hospital location performed, the total tubal ligation reversal charge can range between $7000 – $10,000 depending upon hospital charges, anesthesia charges, and surgeons fee.

The procedure has a success rate of between 65 to 85%. Surgery will be performed by small bikini incision and tubes would be repaired under direct vision. Dye would be injected to ensure patency of the tubes.
Unlike in vitro fertilization, once the tubes are repaired, every month represents another opportunity for pregnancy to occur.

Artificial Insemination
We perform artificial insemination and carefully transfer your partner’s sperm into the uterus to help impregnate you. This method is useful when there is a low sperm count or other condition that is making it difficult to become pregnant. Success depends on different circumstances.

Liposuction, fat transfer
We offer a variety of body sculpting procedures to improve your body image. We can safely transfer your body fat from undesireable areas to areas that need enhancement.

Vaginal birth after cesarean.(VBAC)
We offer a trial of vaginal delivery for patients with prior cesarean section(s). There is the additional charge for this service due to the extra hours required for Dr. Sancetta to attend your labor and delivery, and the extra risk incurred. Over the past two years, Dr. Sancetta has had an 83% successful vaginal birth rate during VBAC attempts.

External cephalic version.
Dr. Sancetta is trained in the art of converting a baby in the breech position to head down position. This procedure is performed in the hospital setting. There is a 67% success rate in external cephalic version. There is a separate charge for this service.

Alternatives to hysterectomy.
In addition to providing myomectomy and vaginal hysterectomy surgical options, Dr. Sancetta offers endometrial ablation as first-line treatment for patients who have excessive bleeding. Most patients do not require a hysterectomy to treat vaginal bleeding. By utilizing less invasive techniques such as endometrial ablation, Dr. Sancetta has reduced his hysterectomy rate by at least 80% since starting his practice. We offer free phone consultation for patients to discuss these options.

Incontinence evaluation and bladder procedures.
Dr. Sancetta offers evaluation for urinary incontinence and follow-up treatment with either medications or minor surgical techniques to effect a cure. New techniques developed over the past 10 years have yield great results and quick recovery time.

In the office tubal ligation by Essure procedure.
Permanent sterilization is now available in the office setting under local anesthesia depending on the insurance plan. The Essure tubal micro-insert procedure can be performed without the need for surgery. We have found this procedure to be very successful in our patients and saves the patient a hospital admission

Cosmetics procedures/ cosmetic surgery

Liposuction, fat transfer, Brazilian buttlift
We offer a wide variety of body sculpting procedures to improve your figure. With the latest techniques under local anesthesia, we can remove unwanted fat and transfer it (if desired) to those areas that need enhancement. The Liposuction technique that we use is the safest and the most advanced, and you will be awake and able to see the progress throughout the entire procedure.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer.
Breast size can be naturally enhanced by transfer of fat to the breast under local anesthesia. Breast size can be reduced by Liposuction also

Labia plasty, and vaginal rejuvenation.
Excessively long labia in the vaginal area can be trimmed as needed according to the patient’s desires. We are also able to perform the fat transfer to the labia majora in order to achieve a more youthful look. Vaginal tightening procedures can also be performed in the office setting to improve physical sensation for the patient and partner

a new Hymen can be created from the remnants of the hymeneal ring. This can be performed under local anesthesia to restore the vagina to a virginal appearance.

Botox and dermal fillers.
Botox is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and is also useful to treat excessive sweating palms or armpit areas. Botox may also help migraine headaches. Dermal fillers including fat are used to fill the wrinkles and hollow areas in the facial area that occur with the aging process

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